Losing "more" than half of me

Losing "more" than half of me
This time it's really going to happen.. I am going to lose half of myself, or should I now say "more than half of myself?"

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I want to eat, but I'm not hungry

Just a quick update.  I'm desperately wanting to eat right now.  But I've already had dinner and I'm not even remotely hungry.  I just want to eat.  I don't know why.  Just the thought of putting some sort of food in my mouth (preferably some sort of bread or fried starch) brings such pleasure and delight to my soul.  YUCK!  That pitiful.  Sad.  Shameful. 

But I thought that writing about the feelings may help them go away.  Or at least help me figure out why I'm feeling this way.  On a positive note, I did make a better choice for dinner on my way to work.  Instead of picking up my favorite chicken strip dinner from Sonic (with tots, gravy and soda) -- I picked up a boneless grilled chicken breast from KFC with mashed potatoes.  And I only ate half of the biscuit.  I just threw the other half out the window.  That was a BIG step for me.

I will do this.  I have to keep telling myself that.  I can accomplish my goal, through Christ who strengthens me.  Despite my setbacks, I have to believe that I can eat properly and exercise.  "We live by faith, not by sight." 2 Corinthians 5:7


  1. you go girl. i wanted to let you know i'm supporting you and that you're doing this not only for yourself but for many of us who struggle with the same problems - you're a wonderful example. i also think sometimes about how i need to look to God for strength with my weaknesses....I'll do that more if you will.

    I also want to eat for no reason - and I promise not to go to the fridge again tonight if you do.

    (btw just saw your video and fb and have only read this one post of the blog - i'll get caught up later - just wanted to let you know i was here - reading - and cheering for US!)

  2. Just wanted to encourage you to keep up the great work. One thing to try when you are not hungry and want to eat is drinking water. Glad you decided to blog about feeling that way rather than eating!! You are awesome and you can do this!!

    Remember, I was once where you are. So, you know this is totally doable!!! Every day will present it's own challenges, you just have to keep pushing forward. And just so you know, it's never easy. Fighting for a healthy lifestyle is part of having one. There will always be people and things that will try to pull you away from the goal. Firmly fix your goal in your mind and keep pushing towards it! You are amazing!

  3. We (Margaret and I) want to congratulate you on your determination and your progress. We both have struggled with our weight our entire lives-everyones situation is unique to them. I want to share a little of our story with you and maybe we can get together and share at some point. This past yr I decided that enough was enough and that seeing 250 on the scale being just one pound away was cause for panic. I started watching every meal and exercise was daily-yet in one year of yo-yoing and dropping only 20 lbs and seeing the truth in the mirror-I had to do something more. Margaret and I are distributors with MonaVie and our company was bringing out a weight management system-I was up for it and finally on November 10th we were able to join in the pre-release of our product "RVL" ( we say reveal ). Please don't take this as a sales pitch as it is not. In the past 8 weeks I have lost 25lbs (that is in addition loosing 10-gaining it back over the holidays and loosing it again. start at 228.4 and now at 203.4)and Margaret has lost 20lbs. My goal is 188.2. This is the first yr ever that we have come out of the holidays lighter than we started. The 200 people that are in the friends and family group (part of the MonaVie study) (they had to have a BMI of 30+ to be accepted ) have lost almost 3700lbs in about 12 wks.
    The system is a 100% natural veggie based shake (chocolate for now and vanilla coming in March)that you mix with water and ice for breakfast and lunch a mid morning and mid afternoon snack-along with the capsule-all veggies- and then a sensible 500-600 calorie dinner. The capsule is an appetite suppressant along with veggies that attack visceral fat and it "WORKS". My belly is going away and is 90% gone-every part of this is all natural-no caffeine, steroids or junk. Now for the totally neat part-we have no cravings, we are not jittery, or irritable and no desire for the beer that I once enjoyed with the evening meal.
    Margaret is off of her 6 a day diet cokes (1 diet sprite or 7-up now)and her desire for sweets is under control (as on most days not there at all). She is not divulging the numbers (as is her right) but would like to loose another 50lbs. We both do exercise and for the first time (in my 64 yrs) I am in 36" jeans and they are starting to get loose on me. I would love to send you a progress photo of myself so you can see that this is all accurate-if you would like to talk 803-468-6482. Margaret was watching the TV10 report and saw your story-I just returned from 4 days in Florida and you were the first news that she shared with me. She is so excited about how she feels you can benefit from the RVL. We too look to our Lord and Savior Jesus for direction and encouragement.
    Wilber and Margaret
    Sumter, SC 29150

  4. Hey Jemme!

    Sorry I have not said hi in quite some time, but I was just reading your blog, and I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you!

    Keep up the good work!

    - Alli

  5. No posts recently. How are you holding up?

  6. I asked you Dad how you were doing,too.