Losing "more" than half of me

Losing "more" than half of me
This time it's really going to happen.. I am going to lose half of myself, or should I now say "more than half of myself?"

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Surgery and sharing my story on TV

Today was a big day for me.  I had a small surgery on my ankle to remove a couple of screws.  I broke my right ankle a little over 4 years ago and had to have surgery to repair it.  I was left with a plate and 2 screws.  Over time the screws have been working their way out -- so it was time to have them removed.  It was pretty easy, just a little twilight drug and a couple of stitches and I was done.  I'm not in any real pain and can walk without crutches.  I can even drive in 24 hours. 

Before I left for the hospital I got to see my story on WIS News 10 Sunrise.  My friend and co-worker, Jillian Capobianco came to my house on Monday to interview me about my weight-loss journey.  Specifically, she was doing a story on people using new social media tools to help them keep their New Year's resolutions, so she highlighted my blog.  My story, called Jemme's Journey, ran on the news this morning and then again tonight. 

My kids got a kick out of seeing themselves on TV.  I was just so thankful to Jillian for making me look good.  I thought she did a beautiful job writing the story.. and I loved how she checked in with a psychologist.  It's nice to know I made a smart move by starting this blog for accountability.

To that end, I did eat pretty bad today.  I started out just fine.. mainly because I couldn't eat.  And I put dinner in the crock-pot before I left for the hospital.. crock-pot fajitas from the Lickety-Split cookbook.  They are really yummy.  But I didn't drink enough water today.  And I did eat some food this afternoon when I wasn't hungry.  I think that's the first hurdle to overcome.  Stop eating for fun.. when I'm not hungry.  Then I can worry about calorie counting and what foods I'm eating.  What do you think?  As for exercise, I'll be able to start walking again soon.. but there's also a machine at the gym that I can do with my arms to be able to get in some cardio.  I know I should, but the thought of it right now makes me angry.  Ugh!  I don't like that.  It's like I'm a little kid throwing a temper tantrum.  Did I already mention that?  Sorry.. I repeat myself sometimes.

Anyway.  Time for bed.  And time for me to chew on this week's verse: 2 Corinthians 5:7 "We live by faith, not by sight."


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I think we all need to remind ourselves not to eat if we are bored or not hungry. I think I will have to write post it notes on the pantry and frig stating those words.


  2. Jemme, I just saw your story on WIS this morning and have to say, you are doing great! Despite the pitfalls, its still a major accomplishment! Keep on~keeping on through Christ!

  3. proud of you honey. i knew from the moment i met you that you were someone special. sending happy thoughts and prayers your way